May 10, 2018

pre NY Blockchain Week edition

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  • Chris Ballinger launches MOBI to explore blockchain applications with companies comprising >70% of worldwide vehicle production, eg BMW, Ford, GM, Renault etc

  • Brian Armstrong publishes the decision making framework at Coinbase

  • Starkware raised 6m from an allstar list of investors for a zkSTARK hardware and software stack

  • Lots of melodrama about “WSJ FUD” when there was no public SEC hearing on May 7. Paul Vigna is a reputable reporter and only reported a “working group.” Seems to me like most of the kerfuffle was due to over-extrapolation by crypto media in search of pageviews.

  • Eric Schmidt talking web3 with EF and ConsenSys

  • Facebook’s messenger lead now leading blockchain efforts.

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