December 1, 2018

Gnosis Safe and Aztec zk proofs live on mainnet

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Two great client releases. Update now

Live on mainnet

  • Gnosis Safe is on mainnet - Android app (download link. iOS coming soon). Big step forward in UX and multi-sig availability, though obviously you should wait for it to be battle tested before committing large sums. (RuntimeVerification’s formal verification is in process)

  • Mintable: easily mint and manage your ERC721 nfty tokens

  • Ethertify: certification platform for IP rights and document signing

  • Aztec: working zero knowledge proof for confidential transactions on mainnet. Send Maker’s Dai to a contract, then withdraw to another address. The addresses are public, but the amounts are not. Roadmap includes: anonymous voting for governence mechanics, anonymous identity schemes and zero knowledge exchange


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