April 12, 2018

Launch season - congrats Digix and Golem

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EIP/ERC/governance — this section by Nick Johnson. Feedback on this section is welcome.

  • The first draft of EIP 969, proposing changes to ethash to break existing ASIC miners, was merged.

  • The first draft of EIP 665, proposing addition of a new ECDSA signature verification builtin for Ed25519, was merged. Further updates are ongoing in PR 983.

  • The first draft of EIP 820, which specifies a standard interface for a registry contract storing interface information for other contracts and accounts, was merged.

  • The first draft of EIP 908, proposing an in-protocol mechanism to reward client implementers, was merged.

  • The first draft of EIP 777, a proposed new token standard that utilises EIP 820 was (finally!) merged.

  • EIP 191, specifying an introspection system used in ENS and other existing interfaces, was translated from an issue and merged as a draft.

  • Some discussion on PR 961, proposing a URL standard for token information.

  • More discussion and reviews on PR 712, specifying a standard way of encoding data for signing by dapps.

  • Some discussion and updates on PR 902, proposing a registry system for approving token transfers for regulatory purposes.

  • EIP 627, a specification for Whisper, was finally merged as a draft.

  • Some discussion on Issue 838, proposing a way to structure error return data for use in Solidity and other compatible languages.

  • More discussion on Issue 905, suggesting a new opcode to permit cheap cloning of an existing contract’s storage.

  • Issue 981 opened, detailing a proposed standard for “barter tokens”.

  • A lot of discussion on Issue 928, a proposed way of linking to avatar images for an account or contract.

  • More discussion on the never-ending Issue 223, a new proposed token standard.

  • Discussion on recurring subscription models, and interfaces for them, in Issue 948.

  • Ongoing discussion of Issue 720, Vitalik’s proposed hardcap.

  • Process update: The generated site now supports GitHub usernames.

  • Process update: A bot now facilitates automatically merging updates to drafts if the PR is written by or approved by an author of the draft.


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